V-Line Running Tracks by Victory – Victory Tracks – Sports Surfacing • Construction
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• Polyurethane Base Mat
• An All-weather 13 mm surface
• ½” (half inch) total thickness
• The two-coat structural spray is done in opposite directions for a uniform coverage.
• 0.5-1.5mm EPDM rubber granules for a textured finish and a longer lasting wearing layer.
• Sealer layer added between the base mat and the structural spray for an impermeable system
• Liquid sealer layer applied by hand at a 1.2 Kg.m2 ratio
• Full Pour System
• Two component polyurethane multi-layer flood coat system.
• High performance surface for training and competition.
• 10mm and 13mm systems.
• Sandwich System
• Impermeable sealed base mat with a two component 3mm flood coat and broadcasted EPDM rubber for an embedded granular surface.
• Exposed or encapsulated 1-3mm EPDM rubber granules.

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