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Victory Tracks Services

Victory Tracks products and services are made with the highest-grade, quality materials in the industry. From Dallas, TX and other cities in the U.S., to locations in Mexico and Latin America – schools, colleges, universities, and cities trust Victory Tracks in the design, installation, repair and construction of their tracks, walking trails, and other sports and recreational facilities.

Victory Tracks provides junior high schools, high schools and colleges a full line of repair and resurfacing running track services, which also may include year around maintenance, such as inspection, crack repair, concrete removal, installation, and consultation.

Coaches and facility managers can get the most benefit out of their track investment with scheduled preventative maintenance or yearly inspections.

Victory provides its exclusive line of V – track surfaces:

Acrylic Latex Surface

Excellent economical surface for projects with tight budgets

Multi – layer system with a total thickness of 3/8”

Resurfacer option will help rejuvenate and restore existing facilities.

Polyurethane Surfaces

• V1000

• V-SW

• V2000

• V-FP

• V3000


Use our Track Designer to get an idea of how your track can look. Choose from our seven popular track colors. Click the colors to view:

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Victory Tracks is also known for their superior Customer Attention and Customer Satisfaction policies. We will partner with you to complete your track and running track projects to completion. We will deliver your track project – on time, on budget and to your specification.

Artificial Turf, Concrete and Asphalt Repairs

From simple repairs or a complete refurbishment of your track facility, Victory Tracks can help restore or repair your track facility due to:

  • Aging and normal wear
  • Overuse or misuse of track facilities
  • Unforeseen damage to track – vandalism, unauthorized vehicles on track, etc.
  • Victory Tracks has you covered – no project is too small or too big
  • Existing surface removals with asphalt inspection
  • Asphalt inspection and evaluation

Track Striping or Restriping

Having trouble seeing the running lanes on your track? If your track is aging or you still need to modify the exchange zones to be in compliance and meet new UIL rules, Victory Tracks can, and depending on the condition of the track, stripe or restripe your track.

  • Striping will adhere to all University Interscholastic League rules
  • Only superior measurement standards are used to ensure compliance
  • Restriping ensures an accurate race and will rejuvenate your facility

Drainage installation

Weather conditions on your track and field are as predictable as the weather itself. Victory Tracks installs an all-weather drainage system to surveying and engineering specifications to protect your investment not only in your track but the field as well.

Synthetic Surface Installation and Removals

Whether your school or college needs to remove, repair, or upgrade your current track surface, Victory Tracks has the experience, tools and the knowledge to help resurface your facility’s needs.

Asphalt inspection and evaluation will  follow  after the existing track surface is removed. Recommendations and a complete full report after removal will be included on every one of our projects.

You may have many questions about your track surface and our experts are here to help guide you to the best solution for your track needs and your budget.

All our methods, tech and planning adhere and follow all rules and recommendations by: 


Layout and Survey

We can show you what your track facility will look like before construction begins. Using the latest surveying methods and technology, Victory Tracks can provide a digital print of how your new facility will fit. 

Survey services include:

  • Running track conversions: convert a 440 yd. track into a 400 m
  • Add lanes to an existing facility – from 6 lanes to 8 lanes
  • Inspect existing concrete and asphalt for planarity and tolerances
  • Mark and identify potential concerns for resurfacing
  • Provide a complete evaluation, with recommendations, prior to track resurfacing

No track construction is too small or too big. Whether Dallas, TX, anywhere in the United States, or Mexico, Victory Tracks has your running tracks needs covered.

Thanks for your interest! We are excited to hear about your project...